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Rubber Bathroom Flooring

Floor A Dot

 Neat, smart & Attractive pattern  Long Lasting  & durable rubber  High Slip resistant multi-directional patterned surface  Impression fi....
£ 145.32 (Inc VAT) £ 121.10 (Exc VAT)

Rubber Tiles D

Suitable for Areas that require Safety Underfoot or a Visually Textured Surface.They are Warm, Sound Absorbent and come in a variety of Bright Modern Colours which will visually enhance any area in....
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Rubber Adhesive G

Adhesive V19 (outdoor adhesive) is a specially formulated adhesive for Rubber Flooring and Rubber Matting. It is a non staining adhesive, formulated in an easily towellable paste. ....
£ 170.96 (Inc VAT) £ 142.47 (Exc VAT)

Non Slip Flooring Matting Safety Floor Heavy Duty Vinyl Kitchen Bathroom etc

Heavy Duty Slip Resistant Vinyl Flooring R10 rated safety flooring, ideal for use in any area where a slip risk exists. 3mm thick with a commercial grade 1.0mm wear layer. Ideal for....
£ 249.32 (Inc VAT) £ 207.77 (Exc VAT)

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